Functional Medicine

 Functional Medicine

We recognise that some long-term conditions and complex health histories need more time and a broader approach. For this reason, we offer a combination of osteopathy and nutritional therapy. Consultation and Treatments follow a Functional Medicine Approach.

In-clinic appointments are £100. Initial consultations may take up to one hour and 40 minutes; yes, 100 minutes, although we do not itemise our time by the minute, we apply our knowledge as required on the day.

Appointments include a thorough understanding of the patient’s current concerns as well as their past medical history, the elaboration of a bespoke treatment plan, potential referral to GPs or other health specialists, and treatment if appropriate.

We do not charge more for complex medical histories, so you are not penalised for discussing several health concerns. In fact, we encourage you to connect the dots between your symptoms and your health milestones in your life journey. For this reason, session duration may vary based on your health presentation and individual needs. You may take your time, we want to hear your story. If only tweaks to treatment plans are required, sessions may be shorter but our approach remains thorough and holistic. We will estimate the time so that you may manage your schedule but please allow for some flexibility so you can relax and enjoy your session.

Sessions typically last one hour, up to 1h 40 minutes £100

Health scans

We are very proud to be at the forefront of innovative health scans with MultiScan Pro, a ground-breaking, non-invasive technology that delivers 360 degrees health assessments. Our health scans enable you to:

  • Visualise the areas of your health that you would like to proactively address
  • Support bespoke treatment planning
  • Track progress with milestones reassessments

First health screening: Includes written analysis, one-to-one debrief, agreement on treatment goals and milestones and treatment where appropriate.

Ariana is one of the first to practice in the UK, to use this avant-garde technology. We want to make our health screening service available to as many patients as possible.

We are currently running a promotion for a first health screening appointment of £400 instead of £500.

Milestones reassessment: Includes report, debrief, adjustment of treatment goals and milestones and treatment where appropriate.

We are currently running a promotion for a milestone screening appointment of £200 instead of £360.

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Functional Medicine

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