Kalla uses various rehabilitation programmes to help rehabilitate the fundamental movements that the body has confused and disorganised therefore, unable to function properly creating awkward movements and/or recurring injury patterns.  Kalla regularly throws in a bit of rehab exercises in most treatments.

Allowing rehabilitation by repatterning the neuromuscular system to re-educate movement patterns interrupted after injury or surgery (or in kids, not in use). It works by stimulating the neuromuscular and proprioceptive pathways to inhibit pain, change the inefficient movement patterns, reduce compensation and MOVE EASILY.

Rehabilitation can help children develop fundamental skills in sports but also corrects bad techniques and habits to become efficient movers by improving balance, concentration, confidence, better motor skills, better body control and developing their fitness ALL fundamental to their physical, cognitive and social growth.

A rehabilitation session is particularly good for the following issues:-

  • diagnosed with dyspraxia (co-ordination and balance) particularly kids who dislike sports because they believe they are not good at anything. 
  • anyone with mild muscular dystrophy conditions
  • post operative joints eg knee replacement, hip replacements,
  • post surgical repairs eg, tendon repairs, frozen shoulder repairs
  • chronic nerve pains eg, sciatica, disc related nerve impingements
  • seniors who have fallen and lost confidence in their abilities
  • athletes – any abilities, to help with improving speed, strength and rehabilitate chronic and acute injuries.
  • Improving core postures
  • Anyone looking to get back into fitness and exercise

The above list can be limitless.  Even if you have no injuries there is benefit to engaging your neuromuscular system


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